My Top 3 Favorite Online Shops To Recommend To Friends

One of my FAVORITE thing about women is how much we depend on word-of-mouth recommendations from our friends and the influencers we follower. THAT specific reason is why I truly believe things like MLM companies or direct sales – think Rodan and Fields or Young Living – works like gangbusters for companies who cater to women. But, that’s a whole other conversation!

Here are my 3 favorite online shops that I follow SO closely, trust completely, and recommend left and right whenever someone asks for a great find!

1 . The Ever Co – Tees For Mama & Babies

the ever co cute organic tees for moms and kids

I can never say ENOUGH about The Ever Co! It’s an online tee shop that has great finds for moms and babes with very cute, holiday-themed, organic tee shirts. The shop is run by Amy and her hubby, both in the military, and they use this shop as extra income and a way to connect with something that is truly important to them: holiday traditions with their family.

I got to chat with Amy when Go Live HQ did her web design and found myself in tears listening to her story. I’ve bought several tees from her company for both myself and for Harper and I have loved every product.

2. Carly Jean Los Angeles – Lifestyle Basics For Building A Capsule Wardrobe

I LOVE Carly Jean Los Angeles! I’ve worn their clothes for about a year now, and they sell classics that you can really use forever. I even was able to wear most of my CJLA gear through my pregnancy with baby #2 because it’s often stretchy and comfy! I love that it’s full of basics so I can easily mix and match and everything is seasonably appropriate.

3. We Are Tumble – Handmade Jewelry & Accessories

I first found We Are Tumble when I got a free keychain from them in a goodie bag from the Yellow Conference in Los Angeles in 2017. After that, I’ve loved buying rings, bracelets and necklaces from We Are Tumble. We even had custom bracelets made for Designer Vaca as a gift to our designers when the arrived the our conference in 2018.


I trust the recommendations of others more than just Googling around! Here are my top 3 favorite brands to recommend whenever a friend is asking for one.