Gift Guide: The Ultimate Gift List For A One-Year-Old

YAY! Harper turned one in January, and with Christmas right before that, I did a LOT of Amazon searching for some items I really wanted for her first birthday.

I feel like the first birthday is still pretty much gifts for the parents. Harper was way more fascinated with the tissue paper than any of the actual toys she opened on Christmas and her birthday *facepalm*. Plus, I am pretty sure she would still be 10 times happier with a spoon from the kitchen than anything that lights up and makes noise.

Here’s my round-up of everything on my wish list – or even things I have around this time that I wouldn’t want to go without – for your one-year old! You can use this list as a great way to send parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, etc for an inspiration list if you’re a mama! Or, if you’re shopping for someone else with a one-year-old, this may give you a great idea for a gift you weren’t thinking of before.

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Gift Guide For A One-Year-Old

1. Tinkerton Minimal Wood Alphabet Blocks

modern, minimal wood alphabet blocks for baby

Let me just say this quickly — these sell out of Amazon quickly! They re-stock the blocks on Amazon every once in a while. And when they sell out on Amazon and on their website, then you can buy them for almost double the price – NO THANKS! Try to wait on these guys until the stock up on Amazon Prime. We got them at about $40 price tag using an Amazon gift card my grandma got us.

I love these blocks in our house, though! They are minimal and not super bright, obnoxious colors, which isn’t often my favorite. Plus, I love that they are wood instead of plastic.

Buy The Tinkerton Blocks on Amazon ⟶

BARGAIN ALTERNATIVE: Buy The Uncle Goose Blocks On Amazon ⟶

2. Modern, Neutral Baby Play Mat

modern, neutral baby play mat

We have all hard surfaces in our apartment except for carpet in the bedrooms, so I wanted to get a play mat for Harper that would not clash with our decor. Again, I’m always trying to avoid bright, primary colors so that I can enjoy my home just as much as Harper does.

Buy The Yay Mats Play Mat On Amazon ⟶

3. Gingham Kid’s Chair

Okay – I saw this online and I IMMEDIATELY added it to my wish list! It’s so cute and I love the gingham pattern. Plus, I loved that it didn’t rock since Harper was still pretty unsteady pulling herself up on things when I was looking at baby chairs. She loves to sit in it, eat snacks, watch Saturday morning cartoons with James, and use it for cuddling her stuffed animals. Thanks to my grandma who got this for Harper’s birthday!

NOTE: The one that says “brown” really is pretty much black. The brown is so dark you’d never be able to tell.

Buy The Gingham Kid’s Chair On Amazon ⟶

4. Large Fabric Toy Basket

We got a LOT of toys for Christmas and Harper’s birthday, and just generally accumulated them during Harper’s first year earth-side so I wanted something to store them in that was soft. Again, we were dealing with a really wobbly one-year-old so I didn’t want anything with hard edges. This thing is the perfect size and I love that it’s neutral and minimal.

Buy The Extra Large Fabric Storage Basket On Amazon ⟶

5. Stainless Steel Cups and Silicone Sippy Cup Lids

We got the silicone sippy cup lids actually when Harper was 8 weeks old as a gift from a friend of mine who is a nanny and LOVES them. The silicone lids stretch over any cup to make it a sippy cup so it’s really nice for being on the go.

For the stainless steel cups, I just am always a fan of finding alternatives to plastic. Plus, I felt like they would last longer than plastic, and that I could use them even after they were used for sippy cups since the design is much simpler and cleaner.

Buy The Stainless Steel Cups on Amazon ⟶

Buy The Silicone Sippy Cup Lids on Amazon ⟶

6. Portable, Fold-Up High Chair

My mom has had one of these chairs for when babies come to stay at her house for years and I definitely knew I wanted one when I got pregnant with Harper! We’ve literally taken this high chair EVERYWHERE – the park, friends’ houses, the cafeteria on campus where we live (yes, we live on a college campus), restaurants when Harper was too little to sit in a traditional restaurant high chair.

We’re even planning a trip to drive to Northern California with friends for President’s Day Weekend, and we don’t have to worry about car space or having a seat for the long weekend for Harper because this guy is just always in the trunk.

Buy The ciao! baby Portable, Fold-Up High Chair On Amazon ⟶

7. Silicone Grip Divided Plate Dish and Silicone Spoons

My babies throw things — a lot. So the silicone grib was a must for me when looking at some plate options for Harper. I tend to go for silicone because I’m always looking for alternatives to plastic, and because, to be really real, Harper has throw hard plastic dishes and they hit our poor dog who is eagerly waiting for scraps under the high chair *another facepalm*.

My mom ordered me these spoons after I mentioned that my current baby spoons were too long for Harper’s little hands to maneuver very easily! I LOVE these spoons. They even come with a little travel pouch to stick them in your diaper bag or for on the go.

Buy The Bumkins Silicone Grip Dish On Amazon ⟶

Buy The Miniware Spoon Set On Amazon ⟶

8. Graco Extend2Fit Convertible Car Seat

Before we had Harper, James’ parents bought us an amazon Graco Travel System that had the car seat and stroller that all clicked together, and it was perfect for Harper’s first year. However, after she got to be this massive toddler baby, she needed a car seat upgrade that would grow with her.

Plus, with baby number 2 on the way and due at the end of May, we knew we would be needing a second car seat in the future anyway! The in-laws came through for Christmas on this one and I love the car seat we picked out! It’s super comfy for Harper and has TWO cupholders.

I also love that this one will grow with her for several years to come and transition to a front-facing seat eventually!

Buy The Graco Extend2Fit Convertible Car Seat On Amazon ⟶

9. Smaller Umbrella Stroller In Black

We got a huge stroller for Harper’s first birthday to replace the older clickable travel system we had that I love (see the godfather of all strollers below), but I popped this one on my wish list for ease of use and travel! We fly a lot and this tiny umbrella stroller is really compact and light. I love the concept of umbrella strollers for when babies are a little older and sturdier (past 7 months probably!).

Buy The Summer Infant Umbrella Stroller On Amazon ⟶

10. BOB Jogging Stroller

THE BEST STROLLER EVER?! I think yes. Four of my local girlfriends with babies had a BOB stroller so I tested it several times to make sure this was what I wanted. We walk pretty much every day with Harper and our dog, Leila, and the regular wheels on our stroller just were not cutting it even on sidewalks.

Let me be clear — I DON’T JOG. I’m retired, okay? I just don’t move my body that quickly. I love this stroller just for walking around the neighborhood. It makes it super easy to off-road at the park on pretty much any terrain and the really low sunshade is really nice for the intense California sun.

If you don’t want to break the bank with this one, check out Facebook Marketplace to buy it USED! That’s what we did and I was able to find one that had barely been used for $125. If you’re thinking about buying a used stroller, consider deep cleaning it with a spot vacuum (I filled ours with clear dish soap and hot water), and then I steamed it with our clothing steamer with water and vinegar, and then did a little DIY fabric spray using baking soda, water and lavender overnight.

Buy The Single BOB Jogging Stroller On Amazon ⟶


Here’s my round-up of everything on my wish list – or even things I have around this time that I wouldn’t want to go without – for your one-year old!