Hey! I'm Hunter

full-time working mama and enneagram type 3

I'm a wife, new mama, and digital marketing strategist. By day, you can find me at my desk doing all things marketing and content for a web design company called Go Live. By nights, weekends, and pretty much all other times, you can find me chasing my daughter Harper around. 

the only way I get things done as a working mama is with a love for home, lots of hustle, and great habits.

Hey! I'm Hunter and I'm so glad you landed here today! I'm originally from Grand Rapids, Michigan, but now my husband and I call Southern California home. I'm a wife, new mama, lover of tacos, and a digital marketing strategist. My favorite things are rose gold, Joanna Gaines, the Enneagram, and talking to other mamas about balancing work and motherhood. I believe taco nights, great sangria and a group of friends are the stuff of life and the healer of all things.

I've always wanted to be a mom, I've always wanted to work, and I've always been able to set my mind to something and go after what I want without abandon.

I sort of worked this whole working mom thing backwards. I got pregnant in the summer of 2017 and landed my first "real" full-time job working for Go Live in the fall of 2017. Since the beginning of me working full-time, I've been pregnant or a new mama, so I've never known anything different. 

I truly believe in doing what you're passionate about and figuring out what works for you and your family in each new season – whether that's working in the field that you love or staying home with sweet babes. When women are able to respect the season they're in and pursue their passions rather than feeling stuck or feeling overwhelmed, they are able to be the best mom and the best woman they can be. 

I started my blog to tell a little bit about my journey as a working mama, and just to have a space where I can share recipes, tips, inspiration and more for women working toward better, productive and life-giving habits. 

When I'm not at my desk during my day job running all things content and marketing for Go Live, you can find me blogging about my journey in motherhood, snuggling sweet babes, or doing a new DIY project involving a sander and stain. There really is no in-between.